Fashion on tour

Posted by Sarah Andrews - 6th February 2012

In a very exciting move, Fashion Fringe will be taking some of the UK’s most talented young designers on a tour of the country. The aim is for the designers to share their experience of the fashion world with students around the country, opening up the industry to more people.


Put it on your fashion wish list: the Colin McDowell autobiography

Posted by The Team - 19th December 2011

We were very pleased to hear that legendary fashion writer,Colin McDowell, one of the guest writers for our blog, will be releasing an autobiography!


Fashion Fever: The Timeless Trench

Posted by Colin McDowell - Guest Author - 15th October 2010

It was Hollywood that gave the trench style. It was one of the very earliest garments to be not just streetwise and cool, but sexy in a totally masculine way. Women loved men in trenches and on themselves. Dietrich, Garbo, Hepburn and Bacall loved the sexual ambiguity afforded by this mild form of cross-dressing, and they still do.-Colin McDowell