Convivio Auctions Gaga’s Dress

Posted by Stacey Waterman - 30th November 2010

Top of our Christmas wish list is Lady Gaga’s customised Francesco Scognamiglio dress from the Convivio boutique at Fidenza Village. It’s being auctioned online for World Aids Day. I’d love to own this dress. If my auction bid were successful I’d love it even more knowing that I helped combat the global spread of Aids.


All That Glitters and Sparkles

Posted by Stacey Waterman - 29th November 2010

It’s the season when life becomes one’s very own personal catwalk show. Channel your inner red-carpet goddess and embrace the new party wear trend for opulence. But what’s a lady to do when the European winter chill means covering up that fabulously chic Versace lace number in a Moncler masterpiece?


The Glorious Art of Gift-Giving

Posted by Stacey Waterman - 26th November 2010

My annual dilemma has arrived – to choose the perfect Christmas gift for my fastidious friends and family. I try to make sure that each one is luxurious, thought about in detail and, I hope, loved by the recipient. I’ve a gift-giving theory I’ll be putting to the test – it makes the process that little bit easier, and fun!


Dress Up Your Holiday Table

Posted by Stacey Waterman - 24th November 2010

Christmas, Chanukah, Festival of Snow – whatever the celebration, the season of joy and goodwill is upon us. The holiday is all about friends and family, sharing of gifts, and chic decorations, food and drinks. So how does one even begin to get prepared? Here are my Style Seeker tips for getting ready for the festivities.


The Style Seeker in Frankfurt

Posted by Michael Black - 18th November 2010

Here’s a lady who knows how to reflect the season in the very essence of her style. What a gorgeous tribute to Autumn’s natural tones, her stunning tan accessories echoing beautifully Wertheim Village’s festive display of pumpkins! Our schönes Mädchen shows us she knows her palette, the key to dressing to flatter.