Lasting Luxury Experience: Milan

Posted by Aldine Paiva - Guest Author - 24th June 2010

“In Via Senato, right outside my hotel, there is a Borsalino with his famous hats. A few steps later I found an incredible silk necktie at the Vivienne Westwood store and I saw Madonna washing plates in the Dolce & Gabanna store.” Aldine Paiva, L’Officiel Brazil


Lasting Luxury Experience: Madrid

Posted by Aldine Paiva - Guest Author - 19th June 2010

“Travelling to the European capitals is always a chance to experience culture and discover new things. In a quick tour of Madrid, Dublin and Milan I had delicious meals, visited amazing places and made excellent purchases at each of the three Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages near the cities I visited.” Aldine Paiva, L’Officiel Brazil


Fashion Fever: Convivio 2010

Posted by The Team - 14th June 2010

The 10th anniversary dinner for the Italian charity Convivio, founded by the late Gianni Versace, was held last week in Milan. The star-studded dinner supervised by Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia, brought together the most fashion forward people in the world. Seen here is Francesca Versace modelling the Convivio 2010 Charity Tee-Shirt.


My Holiday Wardrobe

Posted by Kate Reardon - Guest Author - 3rd June 2010

Kate Reardon, the fashion savvy Contributing Editor at Vanity Fair tells us about her unloved holiday wardrobe, elaborate fashion fantasies and her yearly resolutions to be truly chic on holiday.